What can I provide for you?

If you need serious project or site like CMS, CRM, Social Network I can architect and develop it.

A lot of people already tired using blog systems for real sites and whole life extend and bug fix.

Especially people used php cms-es for serious sites and they always have problems with open code public plugins, and spent a lot of time and a lot of money but in the end have only some blog system.

Php based cms-es are nice but they have a lot of problems what you know.

So if you want normal site with normal functionality you can choose java.

Big sites which you know like facebook started as php, but they all changed to C or java.

I architect and develop about 40 web systems based on java and they too serious projects and also provide all functionality which client wants.

I can provide social network based on graph databases, systems based on NoSQL with too high performance, modern and up to date web application.

All java script libraries which you know started from jquery caused a a lot of problems, enormous java script code in your web page with conflicts and performance affect.
Problems with transactions, pseudo OOP and just propaganda with php and javascript libraries.

I am develop projects based on Spring3/EJB3.1, JSF2/Primefaces….MongoDB, Neo4j.

A lot of people does not know what is JSF and if you know JSF you can find what all php frameworks try to clone JSF livecycle and architecture.

The biggest serious CMS-es developed with JSF and also a lot of corporate sites and public sites, dating sites.

You can choose.


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