Java IO Faster Than NIO – Old is New Again!

Alex Blewitt tweeted an article by Paul Tyma titled: Thousands of Threads and Blocking I/O: The old way to write Java servers is new again. Paul is the Founder/CEO of ManyBrain, the creator of Mailinator.

Paul’s 65-slide presentation is a fast read for anyone interested in Java I/O, especially in a client/server setup. What makes the presentation interesting is Paul began his research of IO vs NIO with the presumptions that all Java developers are running around with: NIO is faster than IO because it’s asynchronous and non-blocking.

The more research he did, the more he found everyone repeating that claim, but a complete lack of benchmarks and research to go with it. Paul sat down and wrote up a quick “blast the server with data” benchmark and found in every case the NIO-based server was 25% slower than the blocking, thread-based IO server.


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